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ScuttleBuddy™: Engaging Interactive Toy Crab

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“This is a great toy for tummy time. As most babies do, my son strongly dislikes tummy time. The crab captured his attention immediately."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Allie Treutel
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Tummy time plays a critical role in an infant's growth and development, building essential motor skills. Babies typically resist spending time on their stomachs, and encouragement or adjustment is needed to ensure they remain in that position. The struggle leads to feelings of being overwhelmed, and infants lose interest, hindering developmental progress.

Introducing ScuttleBuddy™, the interactive crawling toy that makes tummy time enjoyable and captivating. ScuttleBuddy™ uses interactive technology to inspire infants to crawl and explore, fostering motor skills and cognitive development. Enjoy watching the little ones thrive with ScuttleBuddy™, turning tummy time into delightful moments of growth and discovery.

REASONS WHY  ScuttleBuddy™

INTERACTIVE CRAWLING: The interactive crawling feature of ScuttleBuddy™ captures babies' attention, motivating them to crawl and chase. This delightful interaction fosters motor skill development while keeping little ones entertained.

STIMULATING LIGHTS & MUSIC: ScuttleBuddy™ comes equipped with captivating lights and playful music that engage babies' senses. Cognitive growth is promoted, making tummy time an enjoyable and enriching experience.

AUTO-AVOIDANCE MECHANISM: The intelligent auto-avoidance mechanism in ScuttleBuddy™ allows it to skillfully avoid obstacles. This ensures smooth, continuous movement, keeping babies engaged and entertained.

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: ScuttleBuddy™, with its charming design and developmental benefits, is a thoughtful and practical gift. It enhances tummy time and supports essential growth milestones for little ones.

DURABLE & SAFE MATERIALS: ScuttleBuddy™ is made of high-quality, non-toxic materials and offers safe, long-lasting entertainment for extended tummy time. Peace of mind is ensured as little ones explore and play.


We understand the challenges trying to make tummy time enjoyable and engaging for their young children. Picture your baby losing interest during tummy time, becoming restless and fussy, hindering their development and leaving parents feeling helpless. Research indicates that tummy time plays a vital role in a child's motor skill development and cognitive growth.

ScuttleBuddy™ is the perfect solution to transform tummy time into a fun and captivating experience. This innovative toy encourages babies to crawl and explore, promoting essential motor skills and cognitive development. Enjoy watching the little ones thrive with ScuttleBuddy™, turning tummy time into delightful moments of growth and discovery.


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