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CoolWave™: Safe Portable, Rechargeable Cooling Fan for Infants

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Definitely a good to have product for your baby. I've had it for about 4 months and so far so good. I feel like it holds a charge for a long time and doesn't take long to charge. Adorable pink color and I've even gotten compliments on it while out"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Jessica
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During sweltering summer days, ensuring babies remain cool and comfortable becomes a pressing concern, as they are vulnerable to overheating and its adverse effects. The lack of a baby-safe, portable, and effective cooling solution leaves infants irritable and uneasy, negatively impacting their overall well-being. It becomes crucial to find a reliable means to keep little ones content and cool during various activities, ensuring their happiness and well-being.

Introducing CoolWave™, the baby-safe, portable solution for ultimate cooling, revolutionizing fan comfortThe unique design incorporates a protective cover and child-friendly fan elements, safeguarding curious fingers while efficiently providing powerful, low-noise cooling at 40 decibels. By adapting to any environment, CoolWave™ enhances babies' enjoyment of indoor and outdoor activities with the assurance of being safeguarded from overheating.



SAFETY FAN DESIGN: CoolWave™ incorporates a thoughtfully designed grid and child-friendly fan blades, keeping curious little fingers safe from harm. This innovative design delivers a powerful yet low-noise level cooling experience, creating a safe and peaceful environment.

ADJUSTABLE WIND SPEEDS: CoolWave™ comes with four adjustable wind speed settings, allowing for tailored cooling to suit each baby's needs. With this flexibility, it's easy to create the perfect level of comfort, ensuring a happier, more relaxed atmosphere all around.

3600MAH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: CoolWave™ fan boasts a genuine 3600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing extended use without constant recharging. This long-lasting battery life keeps babies cool and comfortable during playtime, naps, and outdoor adventures for 6-12 hours depending on usage.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Measuring at 110x110x263mm, CoolWave™ fan is designed with convenience in mind, making it compact and easy to transport. The perfect size for tucking into diaper bags or attaching to strollers, it brings a cooling breeze wherever babies need it most, making any outing or activity more enjoyable.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: CoolWave™ is the perfect companion for various environments, from cozy nurseries and playrooms to fun-filled beach outings, picnics, and camping trips. Its versatility keeps little ones cool and comfortable, making every adventure more enjoyable and worry-free.


1. Preparation: Charge CoolWave™ with the USB cord for 3.5 hours until fully charged. Select the wind speed from the four options to match the baby's needs. The battery works for 6 to 12 hours depending on usage.

2. Positioning: Locate CoolWave™ where it gives maximum airflow to the baby. It can be stood on a surface, clipped to a stroller, or wrapped around an object. Ensure it is secure and the safety net cover is attached.

3. Operation: Press the power button to start CoolWave™. Adjust wind speed and fan position as needed. Activate the 130° rotation by long-pressing the button.

4. Post-Usage Care: Turn off  CoolWave™ by pressing the power button. Recharge if the battery is low. Keep it cool, dry, and clean the fan blades and grid cover regularly to preserve its best performance for many more pleasant moments.


We understand the struggle of keeping little ones cool and comfortable during sweltering summer days, as the heat can cause distress and irritability. It's disheartening to see them feeling uneasy, sweaty, and longing for relief, especially during outdoor activities or gatherings. A recent study shows that babies are more susceptible to heat stress, emphasizing the need for a reliable cooling solution.

With CoolWave™, embrace the perfect solution for keeping babies cool and comfortable in any setting. This innovative cooling fan not only prioritizes baby safety but also ensures powerful, quiet cooling tailored to their needs. Experience an enhanced quality of life, enjoying memorable moments with the little one, confidently knowing they are content, cool, and comfortable wherever they go.



Length: 4.33 in
Width: 4.33 in
Height: 10.35 in


(1) x CoolWave™
(1) x USB Charging Cord
(1) x User Manual

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