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TotTrek™: Multifunctional Portable Baby Dining Chair

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Love this foldable chair. Convenient for on the go with my son. We leave it in the car so we have a seat for him when we visit family. Light weight & comes in a convenient carrying case!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Ashley A
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Outdoor excursions often lead to challenges regarding baby's seating and feeding arrangements. Portable options can be bulky or unsuitable for different terrains. This challenge can turn what should be a relaxing experience into an event overshadowed by constant adjustments and underlying concerns.

Introducing TotTrek™, the multifunctional portable baby dining chair.  TotTrek™ ensures a safe, comfortable, and adaptive space for baby's feeding and relaxation, regardless of the setting. Revel in memorable moments and shared laughter, knowing little ones are secure and content in their personal space.



✅ ENHANCED STABILITY: TotTrek™ features a broad, stable base, complemented by removable “duck feet” for tip-over prevention. These feet evenly distribute weight, ensuring a secure dining spot on sand or grass, providing peace of mind during cherished moments.

✅ SAFETY HARNESS: The gentle restraint system in TotTrek™ is ergonomically designed to securely embrace even the liveliest of toddlers. Every mealtime becomes a snug and safe experience, reducing the wiggles and ensuring undisturbed feeding.

✅ WASHABLE COVER: Designed for the messes that come with feeding time, TotTrek™ features a fabric cover that effortlessly slides off for machine washing. Maintaining cleanliness becomes a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for those little meals.

✅ SWIVEL TRAY: TotTrek™ offers a personal dining space equipped with a detachable, dishwasher-safe tray. This unique feature simplifies feeding times, guaranteeing the child always has a dedicated and sanitized space to enjoy their meal.

✅ PORTABILITY: Lightweight and frustration-free, TotTrek™ seamlessly expands for use and compactly folds down for travel. Simplifying every adventure, it's equipped with a rear pocket and includes a shoulder carry bag, making sure essentials are always at hand.



1. Preparation: Ensure the dining area is clean and flat. Open TotTrek™ by expanding its folding frame until it clicks into place, verifying it's stable.

2. Positioning: Adjust TotTrek™ to the desired height and orientation. Ensure the safety harness is easily accessible and free from any obstructions.

3. Seating: Gently place the baby in TotTrek™ and securely fasten the ergonomic safety harness, ensuring it's snug but comfortable for the little one.

4. Mealtime & Cleanup: Attach the swivel tray to the chair, providing a personal dining space. After meals, easily detach the tray for washing and remove the fabric cover if necessary. Every use of TotTrek™ ensures delightful, hassle-free meal moments.


We understand the difficulty of finding the perfect dining spot for a baby outside the home.It can be disconcerting at beach outings, witnessing babies grow restless without a proper feeding space. According to statistics, 70% of parents face challenges keeping regular feeding times during outdoor events.

Embrace the simplicity and innovation TotTrek™ brings to every mealtime adventure. TotTrek™ isn't just a dining chair, it's a promise of mealtime bliss, no matter the setting. Savor those moments of joy, as meals become memorable, and little ones stay engaged and content.

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