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SpeechScribe™ - Versatile & Instantaneous Translator Pen

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“Excellent time-saving tool for reading novels and articles in foreign languages. Dictionary feature is only available in Chinese-English, but text scanning translate feature is available in many languages (with Wi-fi connected). Text scanning translate feature is accurate and can translate conjugated verbs without problem. Photo translation works well on screens. Would highly recommend this product!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -  Braeden Bartoletti
✅ Verified Buyer

Navigating unfamiliar languages or dealing with dyslexia or vision impairment can seem like a daunting maze. Without a reliable, real-time transcription or translation tool, confusion grows, interactions fail, and potential is lost, eroding confidence and stalling productivity. This ongoing struggle creates a cloud of despair over the delight of communication and cultural exploration.

Introducing SpeechScribe™, a beacon in the complex world of languages and sensory challenges. With OCR recognition and real-time translation in 112 languages, this efficient device scans and translates text, enabling swift two-way voice dialogues and tearing down language barriers. Experience the thrill of effortless communication and cultural exploration, opening a brighter path to success.


✅ Unveiling Text-to-Speech: Leveraging powerful OCR technology, SpeechScribe™ swiftly transforms scanned text into translations across 55 languages. This cultivates confident and efficient communication, unlocking access to every word.

✅ Bridging Language Barriers: Experience real-time, two-way voice translation across 112 languages with SpeechScribe™. This device enables seamless international conversations, dissolving language barriers and promoting global understanding.

✅ Deciphering Visual Text: SpeechScribe™, equipped with a high-resolution camera, translates text within images in 56 languages. It also allows for the transfer of crucial excerpts to other devices, making essential information easily accessible.

✅ Assisting Language Learning: Doubling as a portable recorder with intelligent recording, SpeechScribe™ houses a comprehensive Chinese-English dictionary. This becomes an asset in language learning, ensuring no key word or phrase goes unnoticed.

✅ Ensuring Customizable Use: SpeechScribe™ offers a tailored user experience with an adaptable interface, adjustable speech speed, and brightness control. Coupled with uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity and a robust battery, it ensures a seamless transcription journey.

We understand the hurdles of navigating through a rapidly evolving, multilingual world. It can be devastating when an important business deal falls apart due to language barriers or when a key lecture seems like a race against time, frantically trying to jot down every word.  The frustration builds as key information slips away; after all, statistics reveal that typically only 20-30% of spoken words are remembered.

Embrace the relief that comes with SpeechScribe™, a revolution in transcription and translation technology. This innovative tool not only accurately transcribes every spoken word but also proficiently dissolves language barriers. Step confidently into a new realm of communication and cultural understanding with SpeechScribe™, designed to enrich every conversation and ensure no important idea is lost.

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