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FurFresh™: Pet Grooming Vacuum & Dog Grooming Kit

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 I have a westie. His hair grows quite long if not trimmed regularly. I used to take him to a groomer about 5-6 times a year. I decided to try this clipper/vacuum. Even with long hair, it worked beautifully. There wasn’t hair on the floor or me. The hair collection cup is easy to clean. The noise level is low and did not bother my doggy. The shedder comb works really good on my short haired dog as well .The price is great right now! You should buy it!

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Introducing FurFresh™ – the ultimate solution for hassle-free pet grooming! Say goodbye to pet hair woes with our innovative Pet Grooming Vacuum & Dog Grooming Kit. With a powerful 13Kpa suction, it effortlessly tackles shedding, leaving your furry friend looking and feeling fresh.

Our grooming vacuum features a generous 2L capacity, ensuring you can groom your pet thoroughly without interruption. Plus, with a whisper-quiet operation at just 48dB, your pet will stay calm and relaxed during grooming sessions.

FurFresh™ isn't just a grooming tool – it's a grooming experience. Trust in our pet grooming supplies to keep your beloved companion looking their best, while also keeping your home free from pesky pet hair. Embrace cleanliness and convenience with FurFresh™ today!   



✅  Effortless Pet Grooming: FurFresh™ takes the hassle out of pet grooming with its powerful suction and versatile grooming kit. Say goodbye to tangled fur and stubborn shedding – grooming your pet has never been easier.

 Quieter Grooming Sessions: With a low noise level of just 48dB, FurFresh™ ensures that grooming sessions are calm and stress-free for both you and your pet. No more loud, intimidating grooming tools that scare your furry friend.

 Cleaner Home Environment: Keep your home free from pet hair and dander with FurFresh™. Its high-performance vacuum effectively removes loose fur from your pet's coat, reducing allergens and maintaining a cleaner living space for you and your family.

 Time-Saving Convenience: Save time and effort with FurFresh™. Its large 2L capacity means fewer interruptions during grooming sessions, allowing you to groom your pet thoroughly without constantly emptying the vacuum.

 Versatile Grooming Options: FurFresh™ comes with a comprehensive grooming kit, giving you everything you need to groom your pet from head to paw. From brushes to combs to specialized attachments, you'll have all the tools necessary for a professional-quality grooming experience.



 We understand the frustration of dealing with pet odors that just won't go away. It can be stressful trying to maintain a fresh-smelling home when pets are around. Studies have shown that pet odors can linger in homes, affecting indoor air quality and creating discomfort for residents.

FurFresh™ is the perfect solution for pet owners looking to eliminate odors and keep their homes smelling fresh. Its advanced formula neutralizes odors at the source, providing a long-lasting freshness that pet owners can rely on. Experience the difference with FurFresh™ and enjoy a home that smells as clean as it looks.


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